Baby Room

Our baby room is designed to be bright, colourful, fun and stimulating to encourage our younger children to be playful and inquisitive at each stage of their development. It offers a safe, caring environment with a variety of toys and sensory equipment to encourage this. Babies are encouraged with multi-sensory stimulation, participating in water play, music and singing and a variety of tactile/messy play, and we aim to make sure that each child’s experience is customised around their age and personality so that they have fun and are challenged appropriately.

The baby room also has a separate sleep area and nappy changing facilities.

Each child will be allocated a single member of staff, their key worker, who will have special responsibility for your child and who will be your main point of contact. This enables us to best fulfil the needs of your child and provide you with accurate feedback on their development and well being. They will talk with you about all the fun things that happen each day and these will be noted on your child’s daily record sheet. This will also be used to provided further information, such as: feeds, nappy changes and sleep times. We also aim to follow the home routines of each baby, which include feeding habits, sleep patterns, potty training, etc. So feel free to mention anything you wish to further encourage at nursery.